Hyper Photonix at ECOC 2023

Hyper Photonix successfully demonstrated its 400G ZR+ High Output Coherent and DR4 PSM optics as part of the Ethernet Alliance interop demo at ECOC Exhibition in Glasgow this week.

Hyper Photonix is proud to participate in the Ethernet Alliance Interoperability Demonstration at ECOC 2023! 

In a 400G DR4 application, the power savings would be over 1W per module. In a DR8 module, that savings would be twice as much. One can calculate the overall energy savings that might be achieved in a data center with hundreds of thousands of modules installed. From there, the opex savings as an annual amount are a simple calculation. See our latest Hyper Silicon™ Photonics Optical Transceivers showcased live in this exciting multivendor event:



400G QSFP-112 DR4

400G ZR/ZR+ HO (+1dBm)


About Hyper Photonix Ltd.
Hyper Photonix is a leading optical transceiver supplier to high-speed networking applications in data center, enterprise, and optical transmission networks. The company designs, develops and manufactures a complete portfolio of high-performance optical transceivers utilizing its Hyper SiliconTM photonics platform. With R&D facilities in Wuhan, manufacturing in Ningbo and Bengbu China, and offices in Tokyo, Japan, Hyper Photonix is delivering world class optical network solutions to customers worldwide. For more information, please visit the website at 

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