400G & Beyond
Driving Next Gen Data Centers

Reach up to 400G/800G/1.6T

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Hyper Silicon™ QSFP-DD ZR

Coherent Optics Driving the Future

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Hyper Silicon™ CFP2 DCO

High Performance and Support 100G-400G

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About Us

Hyper Photonix is a US supplier of high performance optical transceivers with Research & Development, Engineering and Manufacturing Facilities in Asia. By seamlessly integrating advanced silicon photonics, ultra high speed circuit and packaging designs, Hyper Photonix offers a comprehensive range of high-speed optical transceivers – with data rate ranging from 40G/100G/200G/400G/800G and beyond, in various industry form factors. Its global competitiveness is exemplified in pivotal technological domains, supported by high volume automated manufacturing, and advanced testing capabilities as the company serves optical networking customers in Hyperscale Data Center, AI/ML computing, Super Computing, Telecommunications, and 5G Wireless markets.

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Hyper Photonix builds gigafactory for volume deployment of 400G

Hyper Photonix—— New facility, currently in final stages of construction, is based in Anhui Province, China and will support the company’s aggressive manufacturing ramp to support Hyperscale Data Center worldwide demand for next generation optical transceivers.

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Why Hyper Photonix Optics and Transceivers

As AI and 5G drive organizations to leapfrog into the digital world, adequate manufacturing capabilities and vertical R&D are key to securing the core competencies of Hyper Photonix, which is committed to providing a portfolio of optical modules to meet a wide range of needs through specialized, reliable functionality.


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