Want to know the latest price of Optical Module?Hyper Photonix is a professional Optical Module supplier, offering the most competitive price of Optical Module. With our products, you can meet your communication equipment and data center needs.

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PAM 4 and NRZ Optical Transceivers

Hyper Photonix offers a comprehensive range of high-performance NRZ and PAM4 optical transceivers designed to serve the varying speed requirements within the bandwidth-intensive landscape of modern data communication. With a focus on innovation and advanced technology, the company’s product offering spans a wide spectrum of speeds ranging from 25G to 800G and beyond.

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Coherent Transceiver

Hyper Photonix offers a comprehensive lineup of Coherent optical transceivers engineered to diverse speed and reach requirements for high-speed, long-haul optical communication. Based on state-of-the-art Silicon Photonics optics, advanced modulation techniques, sophisticated error correction mechanisms, and optimized signal processing, Hyper Photonix's flagship 400G ZR/ZR+ Coherent optical transceivers are engineered to provide exceptional performance and transmission reach. Hyper Photonix's ZR/ZR+ High Output offer integrated amplified signal output for ultra extended reach requirements

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AOC Assemblies

Hyper Photonix offers a range of AOC for data rate of 100G, 200G and 400G with cable length up to 100M (50m for 400G) . Active optical cables serve as straightforward, budget-friendly interconnects for short-reach interfaces spanning less than 100 meters. In these instances, vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) technology, recognized for its reliability and performance, aligns seamlessly with the short reach applications in traditional data center environments.

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Hyper Photonix Competitive Advantages


Silicon Photonics/Performance

Hyper Photonix advanced Silicon Photonics platform, Hyper Silicon, is the results of years of development and the commitment to continued innovation by an experienced team of researchers and designers . Coupled with core competencies covering ultra high-speed circuitry, DSP optimization, optical packaging, automated testing, Hyper Photonix offers a full range of high performance PAM4 and coherent optical transceivers.


Price /Availabilty

Minimizing price per Gigabit and product availability is the bedrock of Hyper Photonix manufacturing strategy. Based on the recent opening of a fully automated Giga Factory in Anhui province, the company brings to its hyperscale customers the ability to scale production to match their needs with continued market competitiveness.


Reliability / Quality / Support

Designed for improved long term reliability, Hyper Photonix products are tested to the most rigorous industry standards. Combining a MES system for Traceability, SCM  for Supplier Management, HR E-training platform, and continued Internal and external audits, our products meet the most demanding quality standards. Finally, our 24x7 Customer Service is there to assure complete customer satisfaction.