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About Us

Hyper Photonix

is a US supplier of high performance optical transceivers with Research & Development, Engineering and Manufacturing Facilities in Asia. By seamlessly integrating advanced silicon photonics, ultra high speed circuit and packaging designs, Hyper Photonix offers a comprehensive range of high-speed optical transceivers – with data rate ranging from 40G/100G/200G/400G/800G and beyond, in various industry form factors. 

Its global competitiveness is exemplified in pivotal technological domains, supported by high volume automated manufacturing, and advanced testing capabilities as the company serves optical networking customers in Hyperscale Data Center, AI/ML computing, Super Computing, Telecommunications, and 5G Wireless markets.  

Company Technologies

Hyper Photonix high-speed optical transceiver products are built on Hyper Silicon , the company’s proprietary silicon photonics PAM4 technology platform designed and developed in-house. 

Hyper Silicon PICs offer the high-bandwidth, low insertion loss, and small chip size required to manufacture current and next generation high-performance optics in hyper-scale volume at a compelling cost per bit.

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Company Value

Hyper Photonix upholds a resolute commitment to social responsibility, intertwining it with our core values. Our strategy aligns with societal betterment, industrial progress, and innovation. We fuse responsibility with governance, heightening our performance and management. We integrate social responsibility seamlessly into our business, ensuring holistic growth for all stakeholders.

Our pursuit resonates across the economy, society, and environment, driving sustainable development. We champion comprehensive value while embracing corporate social responsibility. Our achievements encompass safety, environmental preservation, employee empowerment, and park infrastructure development.

We lead in optimizing resource efficiency, ensuring equitable resources for future generations. Environmental preservation, energy conservation, and emission reduction underscore our environmental management.

We transition towards a paperless office with modern technologies. Energy conservation remains pivotal, while we also commit to reducing carbon emissions through a green supply chain, echoing our response to climate change.

Our Team

Ming Yang – Founder & President

Successful entrepreneur & international sales executive. Founder & GM of Ningbo Xinsulian Photonics Technology Co. Ltd and Zhongrui Sulian (Wuhan) Technology Co. Ltd. VP of International Sales at Wuhan Huagong Genuine Optics Tech Co. Ltd. Manager & VP of International Sales at Accelink Technologies Co. Ltd.

Xavier Clairardin – Chief Executive Officer

Accomplished international executive. Gigalight, Amphenol, Molex Fiber Optics, Siemens, Mitsubishi electronics and several successful startups. Co-founded fiber optic interconnect business acquired by Molex, which ultimately became Molex Fiber optic division and successfully grew to over $300M+ in revenues. Driven by a personal commitment to building successful and profitable business creating value for company stakeholders.

Henry Plaessmann – Sr. Director, Sales & Business Development

Optical technology veteran. Sr. Director of Product Line Management at Alpine Optoelectronics (acquired by Eoptolink). Engineering Program Manager at Lumentum. Sr. Technical & Program Manager at Volex & APM (sold APM optical connector assets to Volex). Engineering Manager at K2 Optronics (acquired by Emcore). Sr. Laser Engineer at Lightwave Electronics (acquired by JDSU).

Brad Booth – Technology and Strategy Advisor

Ethernet and optics technology leader. Technology strategist and industry influencer at Meta, Microsoft, Dell, APM and Intel. Former chair of Ultra Ethernet Consortium, Consortium for On-Board Optics (COBO), Ethernet Technology Consortium, and the Ethernet Alliance.​