Silicon Photonics in Hyper Photonix

Hyper Photonix advanced Hyper Silicon™ technology is a powerful silicon photonic integration platform for both PAM and coherent optical chips integrating multiple optical functions in a single chip. These optical chips are powering Hyper Photonix next generation optical transceivers at 400G, 800G and beyond. This is the result  of years of development and a commitment to continued innovation.  

This platform combines cutting-edge design principles, advanced manufacturing techniques, and an in-house designed Process Design Kit (PDK) optimizing wafer processing and maximizing  optical chip performance.

The team of researchers and designers from around the world, with over 35 years of successful commercial SiPh device designs such as AWGs, coherent PICs, and 4x25G PSM4. has completed over 30 successful tape-outs, working through a close technology partnership with a world class commercial foundry. 

The team has developed the Hyper Silicon™ PIC for mainstream market applications, including 400G DR4, 800G DR8/DR4, and 1.6T DR8, achieving 53.125Gbaud with a high extinction ratio of 4.5dB. The use of edge coupling design supports low-loss fiber array or lens coupling for extremely low on-chip loss (<9dB). Based on the Hyper Silicon™ PI, the 400G DR4 optical module's TX power, extinction ratio, TDECQ, and RX sensitivity (OMA) all lead the industry average.

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